Yamaha F115AET-L and-X, & FL115AETX Counter Rotation – East Coast Yamaha Marine

Yamaha F115AET-L and-X, & FL115AETX Counter Rotation

Yamaha F115AET-L and-X, & FL115AETX Counter Rotation

Yamaha F115AET-L and-X, & FL115AETX Counter Rotation

Key Features

16-Valve DOHC Direct Action In-Line 4 - High Power and torque, economical
Long intake & fuel injection - high torque & performance & economy
Micro-Computer Control - reliability, high performance, convenience, economy
YDIS : Yamaha Diagnostic System - Serviceability & Reliability
High Output Alternator - convenience
Water Sealed Outer Wall - low noise
Prime Start - Sure Start
Labyrinth Exhaust System & Long-Span Mounting System- Quietness and low vibration
Over-Rev Limiter, Overheat Warning & Low Oil Pressure Warning - reliability
Yamaha ideal anti-corrosion system - YDC-30, multi-anodes & aluminate - durability

Power and Precision

The Yamaha F115A is an engine that punches well above its weight. With great power, fuel economy and reliability this engine is a standout performer.
The inline four cylinder configuration with its double overhead camshaft and four valves on each cylinder allows a smooth exchange of intake fuel and exhaust for more power. This is matched with an electric fuel injection system that delivers just the right fuel/air mixture for any load and speed for excellent power and economy.
F115A has always been extremely popular for repowering older boats. Imagine the feeling of powering to your favourite fishing spot faster and more efficiently than you ever thought possible... in your favourite old boat!
Your new Yamaha EFI engine is the ultimate in reliability and technological innovation. The F115A come standard with the leading edge Yamaha Digital Network System. Which means you have up to the second information on the operation of your outboard at your fingertips.


  • Model Code 2 : FL115AETX
  • Engine : 4-stroke, 16-Valve, DOHC, Direct action, In-line 4
  • Displacement : 1741 cm³
  • Compression Ratio : 9.7
  • Max. Prop Shaft Output : 84.6 kW (115 ps) @ 5500 r/m
  • Full throttle rpm range : 5000 ~ 6000 r/m
  • Fuel Induction System : 4 Carburettor with acceleration pump
  • Starter System : Prime Start
  • Lubrication : Wet sump
  • Engine oil capacity : 3.7 / 3.5 l * with / without oil filter exchange
  • Bore x Stroke (mm) : 79.0 mm x 88.8 mm
  • Fuel consumption  35.3 /h @ 5500 r/m * reference data
  • Trim & Tilt : PTT
  • Shallow Water Drive Positions :
  • Gear ratio : 2.15 (28/13)
  • Engine transom height : X: 643 mm (25.3
  • Dry Weight : 193 kg

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