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Yamaha 50 HETOL Outboard Motor

Yamaha 50 HETOL Outboard Motor

Yamaha 50 HETOL Outboard Motor

Yamaha 50HETOL is a 2stroke 50hp Outboard Engine with Electric Start, Power Trim & Tilt and Oil Injection

The 2-stroke 50Hp Outboard Engine is driven by Yamaha`s proven 3-cylinder power units with loop charging and pulse tuning. It`s a winning formula that delivers both outstanding fuel economy and smooth responsive acceleration. With Yamaha`s Oil Injection System you don`t have to mess with premixing the gasoline and oil.
The Yamaha 50 hp`s system constantly monitors engine load to inject the right amount of oil. On the larger displacement models Yamaha`s Microcomputer Ignition System is standard equipment so you can rest assured the engine is always running finely tuned and with optimum fuel efficiency.


Oil Injection System

Eliminates the need to pre-mix gas and oil by injecting the precise amount of oil directly into the intake manifold. This also ensures quick response to the engine`s oil demands and minimises oil consumption.

Prime Start Auto Choke

The computer supplies the proper amount of fuel and sets optimal ignition timing ensuring quick starts at the turn of the key.

Single Unit PTT

Power trim and tilt cylinders are combined into a single unit for compactness high-performance good response and smooth quiet operation.


Type: 2-stroke
Engine Type: 3-Cylinder
Displacement: 698cc
Output : 36.8kw / 50hp
Compression Ratio: 6.0
Gear Ratio: 24:13 (1.85)
Weight :  88kg HETOL
Bore x Stroke: 67 x 66mm
Max Operating Range: 4500-5500rpm
Induction system: Loop charging
O/M Transom Height: 533mm/21.0in

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