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Yamaha 2 CMHS Outboard Engine

Yamaha 2 CMHS Outboard Engine

Yamaha 2 CMHS Outboard Engine

2-Stroke 2hp Outboard Motor with Manual Start and a tiller handle

The 2CMHS is a Lightweight compact and power-Packed outboard
The lower displacement models that make up Yamaha`s 2-stoke Portable outboards are built light and compact so you can take this 2 hp Outboard anywhere. The Yamaha 2CMHS also have the power and reliability to take you almost anywhere. And Yamaha knows that wherever you go you want to get there as economically as possible and with no worries or bother.
What about manoeuvrability? You simply can`t beat Yamaha 2CMHS`s 360-degree steering.
You'll be glad to know that this Yamaha two stroke outboard motor also boasts the best fuel economy in its class. That means long hours of smooth powerful running. Of course what truly sets our Yamaha 2 CMHS Portable Outboards apart from the competition is not just their light weight and compactness but the fact that they have the same renowned Yamaha quality technology and reliability as larger displacement outboards.


Engine Stop Switch Lanyard: This lanyard clips to clothing or around the wrist stopping the engine automatically if the operator leaves the helm.
Built-In Fuel Tank: A fuel tank is provided inside the cowling eliminating the need for a separate tank and saving space inside the craft.


Type: 2-stroke
Engine Type: 1-Cylinder
Displacement: 43cc
Output : 1.5kw / 2hp
Compression Ratio: 7.4
Gear Ratio: 27:13 (2.08)
Weight : 10kg
Bore x Stroke : 39 x 36mm
Max Operating Range: 4000-5000rpm
Induction system: Loop charging
O/M Transom Height: 417mm/16.4in

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