Ronix Moanna – Loop – Hide – Womens Handle – East Coast Yamaha Marine

Ronix Moanna - Loop - Hide - Womens Handle

Ronix Moanna - Loop - Hide - Women's Handle

Ronix Moanna - Loop - Hide - Women's Handle

The Loop The favourite of our team riders with a lightweight anti-roll design. A traditional aluminium bar handle with built-in side loops preventing a handle from collapsing doing a good old handle rotation. The 812 crew asked for it - we built it. HIDE This outer material has a softer feel, when wet it’s as tacky as this next sentence. Don’t worry vegans it isn’t really made out of our friends down at the farm. RECALL FOAM Underneath some of our grips is a new memory material that will actually form to your fingers when you snatch it


  • Loop frame
  • Hide grip is sewn to 5mm recall foam
  • Handle is strung with 100% Dyneema fibre 16-strand rope
  • Available in single or double “T” handle
  • Ridden by Emily Copeland Durham

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